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Grand Entryway

GRAND ENTRYWAYS are a total package. A Grand Entryway consists of a door unit like the Mini Grand, but comes with a fully fabricated door jamb. This is meant to totally replace your door, jamb and both interior & exterior trim. Your front entrance will be removed back to the original framing which will then be fitted with the new jamb and door. This option is excellent for those who want to totally get away from any wood components making up the front entrance to their home. This option also allows for choosing of custom pull handles.


Mini Grands

MINI GRANDS are a complete door unit less the outer jamb. Mini Grands are built to fit into your existing jamb. The hinges are mounted on the Mini Grand in the same location as your existing door hinges. The lock and lever are also slotted at the same heights as your existing door. Your door will be removed from the existing house jamb and the Mini Grand will be installed into its place. This will provide all the benefits of a full Grand Entry at a more cost effective price point. 

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